Hera Adebayor

Operations Director, Star of Life


Director Hera Adebayor (Allegiance: Star of Life)
Starting location: Harayana (Candrama X)
Goal: End balkanisation of Harayana; maximise humanitarian aid there.
Family: Husband, Wife, Children
Army: No
Fleet: No
Personal finances: Wealthy
Personal starship: SS Mirage (VIP courier) (Speed 2, Fuel 2)
Popular support with faction: Strong
Popular support with home planet (Kaduna): Moderate
Faction strength: Significant



I play Hera Adebayor, the Operations Director of a major humanitarian aid organisation, who ultimately wants to make the diaspora a better place for everyone. That that will require knocking heads together and stepping on a few egos is a given; that it will require attending and organising functions, conferences, fundraisers and expeditions across the diaspora is an added bonus.

Physical description:

Tall, striking and slim, Hera has the almost-too-slender build common to natives of lower-gravity worlds. Standing at 6’3", she is taller than average, and keeps her hair cut in a neat bob. She has a habit of reading up on those she is likely to meet, and presenting herself accordingly – as a result, those that meet her in different situations, on different worlds, often remark on how different she will look, depending. The tasteful gown she might wear to a function on enlightened Kaduna would hardly do for a business meeting in conservative Selsey, after all.


Born in Laayoune in the southern hemisphere of Kaduna, Hera was raised in a prosperous open commune overlooking one of Kaduna’s crater-seas. Enchanted since childhood by stories of the diaspora and the intrepid colonisation of other worlds, she aspired to see as much of the diaspora as possible at a young age. The daughter of a lawyer and a retired Merchant Astral captain, she and her siblings lapped up her mother’s tales of voyages among the stars, although Hera found herself just as inspired by her father’s anecdotes from his work with the legal system of the Federal Republic of Kaduna.

Initially wanting to follow her mother into the Merchant Astral, Hera found herself drawn more towards the law as she grew up, and at the age of 20 followed her father into the legal system, where she spent the first years of her career working in settlement and colonial law, human rights and interstellar law.

After helping resolve a complex and long-running dispute over refugees between the main governments in Itako, Lacant and Obubra Systems, Hera was approached by the Star of Life, who offered her a position as a junior director of its legal arm. Over the last fifteen years, she has begun to make a name for herself in interstellar law, and a few years ago took up the prestigious position of Operations Director; in her current role within the group, she is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the Star of Life’s diasporal operations, and reporting back to the group’s governing Consensus.

Most recently, Hera has travelled to Harayana to take charge of the Star of Life’s efforts to assist the colony return to peaceful government, and to re-open shipping lines providing aid and supplies to the colonists there.

S. S. Mirage

As Operations Director, Hera has been granted use of the Starship Mirage, an Elohim-class fast VIP courier chartered by the Star of Life for the senior members of its governing Consensus, to enable swift travel between its operations across the diaspora. The Mirage is small but well-appointed, and as well as quarters for Hera and her staffers, it also has a large cargo hold for a ship its size, as well as staterooms capable of hosting lavish, if not huge, functions. Hera often uses the Mirage to host talks and conferences with notable individuals with whom the Star of Life needs to build and maintain working relationships.

Hera Adebayor

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