Jouyan Shamlou

Religious PR & Gate-keeper to travellers to Balkh


Abbot Jouyan Shamlou (Allegiance: Forward Element)
Starting location: Balkh (Basist I)
Goal: Further the Lama’s reach on other planets
Family: Monastery
Army: No
Fleet: No
Personal finances: Wealthy
Personal starship: Yes: Speed 2, Fuel 2
Popular support with faction: Strong
Popular support with home planet (Balkh): Strong
Faction strength: Overwhelming



Jouyan 493 was born and raised in the frontier Shamlou Monastery, on one of the millions of tiny, densely packed islands scattered across the great planet-ocean of Balkh. He worked the algae farms and studied the Forward texts just like the other boys and girls in his class. He much preferred the studying to the active labour, so worked ceaselessly towards mastery of the texts, meditation and, finally, his own Illumination.

When the First Abbot of Shamlou Monastery was on her death bed, she named the young Jouyan as her successor. From then on he took the name Abbot Jouyan Shamlou, dispensing with the number he’d been assigned at birth. He oversaw the expansion of the monastery’s adminstration to neighbouring isles, and kept correspondence with other Abbots.

A few decades into his Abbotship, the first Lama of the movement died, and his reincarnation found among the thousands of children born within the hour of his demise. The successor, Lama Matta Awad, was born to the Awad Monastery. Jouyan wasted no time in asserting his influence on the young Lama, encouraging him as a child to visit the Shamlou isles. When Lama Matta Awad grew and settled into the absolute power of his rule, he rewarded Jouyan with the responsibility of overseeing off-planet relations.

Now Jouyan looks to the many planets of the Diaspora with the same view he took to the neighbouring islands: there are billions of people out there that need spiritual direction… better it be his spiritual direction.

Jouyan Shamlou

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