Keneth Forgrave

Councillor for Interplanetary Affairs, Eschaton, Clifton VII


Councillor Keneth Forgrave (Allegiance: Nothern Alliance)
Starting location: Eschaton (Clifton VII)
Goal: Establish a trade route with Ikom
Family: Traditional Family, Wife, Daughter (14), Daughter (12)
Army: No
Fleet: No
Personal finances: Wealthy
Personal starship: No
Popular support with faction: Strong
Popular support with home planet (Eschaton): Strong
Faction strength: Overwhelming



Keneth Forgrave, the Councillor for Interplanetary Affairs of the central government of the planet Eschaton, Clifton VII, 08.03., is the opinion that, should a stable trade route be established between Clifton and the nearby system of Ikom, 07.04, then all trade passed in to the Northern cluster would, by necessity, travel through Clifton. However, Ikom is known for being a world dominated by the social elite, which is a hard sell to the Eschertonian public, traditionally of a more socialist leaning. The usual ambivalence with which the public generally holds outsiders, however, means the situation could go either way.

Forgrave is a career politician, whose goal could best be described as “Getting Re-elected”. As his term lasts 5 years before another election is held, he hopes that establishing the Clifton-Ikom trade route will give him a strong platform to stand for election on. He has a wife and two daughters, the definition of the traditional family man. Despite this, he is rumoured to have connections with organised crime on Eschaton’s west-most continent of Calcona. While nothing has ever been proved, some conspiracy theorists posit that the reason Forgrave is so fixated on ensuring economic growth is to keep the Calconan gangsters happy.

Keneth Forgrave

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