Rex Goldborne

A successful businessman within Ikom, Rex now has his sights on the rest of the diaspora.


CEO Rex Goldborne (Allegiance: CrossGAP)
Starting location: Logo (Ikom VI)
Goal: To see CrossGAP become successful across the diaspora
Family: Mother, Sister
Army: Yes: Speed 1, Fuel 2
Fleet: Yes: Speed 1, Fuel 3
Personal finances: Rich
Personal starship: Yes: Speed 2, Fuel 2
Popular support with faction: Powerful
Popular support with home planet (Logo): Strong
Faction strength: Minor



Born to a traditional family upon Mere, Rex was always interested in space as a child. He obsessed over toy ships, and would play with them for hours on end, pretending to have battles between them. As he grew older, this interest turned into a fascination as he studied finance and physics with an ambition to create a business that would be one day be known across the galaxy.

Unfortunately, shortly after Rex completed his studies, his father passed away. This delayed his ambitions for a while as he spiralled into depression only being rescued when his mother and sister re-inspired him to pursue his dreams.

Since then Rex has created CrossGAP, a corporate contracting company. From humble roots on his home planet it grew in popularity and has launched his financial standings much higher than he thought he could achieve.

Creating Haven, his orbital base of operations around Logo, Rex plans to spread his company’s influence further than his home system and into the diaspora.

Rex Goldborne

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