Tandy Kwatra


Doctor Tandy Kwatra (Allegiance: Southern Confederancy)
Starting location: Maharashtra (Alipurduar II)
Goal: Bring Alipurduar back to its former glory
Family: Brother, Sister, Father
Army: No
Fleet: No
Personal finances: Comfortable
Personal starship: Yes; Speed 2, Fuel 2
Popular support with faction: Moderate
Popular support with home planet (Maharashtra): Weak
Faction strength: Fringe



For a research station with 85 inhabitants the colony on Alipurduar II is an incredibly exciting place. It all comes down to this Jaya Malhotra, while a competent scientist and good organiser has some odious habits that have led to two factions rising up against him, unfortunately the tiny population means all personnel are required to keep the colony habitable so these tensions have been simmering for decades.

I play Tandy Kwatra secretary of the Southern Confederacy (membership 18) who has requisitioned Alipurduar’s only inter stellar spacecraft in a bid to find parties interested in recolonising his home planet, growing it back to the glory days before his birth, reconnecting it to a trade route and hopefully bring peace to the planet and by extension his close family, who haven’t been able to occupy the same room in the research station for going on ten years. He is interested in outward looking individuals with resources and or spaceships. Those who find tech level 9 equipment valuable may be interested in him.

Tandy Kwatra

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