Character Creation

I know some of you have already started bringing concepts to me, but I want to get started on coming up with at least concepts for characters for everyone – mostly what this needs to be is a rough idea of who you are and, more importantly, what your goal is going to be. Your goal can be achievable (“End the such-and-such war”) or more abstract (“Increase my fame”). The game doesn’t end when you achieve your goal – just pick a new one and carry on.

In terms of what sort of characters to make, the following from the rules is what I’m aiming for:

You should definitely have some movers and shakers, high profile leaders in the political and military spheres. But you should also have some more prosaic characters because this is where you can invest a lot of narrative power attached to more esoteric goals. These characters become very desirable contacts for the powerful, but it will not be obvious to them right away that this is so.
~ Callisto, page 4

Other things to consider – but which aren’t immediately needed: what sort of characters you would know/have links with, and a list of close family members (don’t need to be names at this point, just “daughter” will do).

Certain traits have a range of values:

  • Popular support: Revolt!, None, Weak, Moderate, Strong, Powerful!
  • Finances: Catastrophically Broke, Deep in Debt, Poor, Getting By, Comfortable, Wealthy, Rich, Lavish, Crazy Rich
  • Faction strengths: Obscure, Fringe, Minor, Notable, Significant, Overwhelming

Character Creation

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