Main Details

Planet Name: Gorki II
Hex Code: 05.07
World Profile: D868456-6 S Ga NI
Cultural Roots: Russian
Main Government Type: Feudal Technocracy
Leader: Olena Gurov
Major Religion: Ideology
Leader: Professor Oksana Gurov
Technology Level: 6

Law Level: 6
Restricted Drugs: No restrictions
Restricted Information: Recent news from offworld
Restricted Technology: TL 9 items
Restricted Travellers: No restrictions
Restricted Weapons: All firearms except shotguns and stunners; carrying weapons discouraged

Planetary Size: 12,397 km
Surface Area: 482,817,580 km^2
Percentage Surface Liquid: 79%
Land Surface Area: 101,391,692 km^2
Global Population: 63,248
Avg Population Density: 0.00 people/km^2
Surface Gravity: 1.00 gs
Atmospheric Pressure: 0.71-1.49
Atmosphere: Standard
Required Survival Gear:
World Temperature: Hot

The main government of Gorki II is a Feudal Technocracy led by Olena Gurov of the Popular Sodality – a group which primarily draws its leadership from the pious. The main issue(s) they are dealing with is/are immigration and immigrants and they have a laissez-faire attitude to the economy. They maintain a position of being xenophobic towards outsiders.

The primary religion of Gorki II is descended from Ideology but has evolved via neofundamentalism. It has no central authority, but is instead run regionally by a council run by a Professor or a Teacher.

Political Factions

There are currently 2 other factions on Gorki II.

  • The People’s Consensus is a significant group opposed to the Popular Sodality. They promote a Civil Service Bureaucracy led by the intellectuals and concerned with military preparedness. They are xenophobic towards outsiders and have a state industry economic policy.
  • The Conservative Union is a minor group personally opposed to Olena Gurov. They promote a Non-Charismatic Leader led by the social elite and concerned with secession. They are xenophobic towards outsiders and have a autarky economic policy.

Religious heresies

There are currently 2 heresies on Gorki II.

  • Founded by dissatisfied minor clergy due to issues over syncretism, the Wastern Union is a minor group. They feel purificationist towards the orthodoxy, and can usually be distinguished by forbids marriage or romance outside the sect.
  • Founded by defrocked clergy due to issues over universal priesthood, the Magnesium Unity is a fringe group. They feel contemptuous towards the orthodoxy, and can usually be distinguished by vigorous charity work among unbelievers.


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