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The Hush of Expansion is a science-fiction game set between the events of A Thousand Screaming Mutes (~22nd century) and the Silence of the Stars (~32nd century) – respectively books 2 and 1 of my Quietus trilogy. It is being run using the Callisto rules for running play-by-(e)mail games.


Our planet, the Earth, is, as far as we know, unique in the universe: it contains life.
~ David Attenborough

The universe in which all this takes place is one which is similar to our own, but in which there are a few and important significant differences. The timeline from the 21st century to the 23rd century (when this game takes place) is reasonably similar to what you might expect our own timeline to be – assuming we don’t wipe each other out first…

Systems and Planets

Fiction Extracts

  • Silence of the Stars (Introduction) – The original piece of fiction which was expanded upon for NaNoWriMo 2013

Player Characters

Character Creation

The Talkers

The Walkers


Tenets are short statements of fact about the setting. They are axioms, if you like; they are facts that cannot be contradicted in play.
~ Callisto, page 9-10


For a list of the powers that players control, please see the areas of Narrative Authority.

Main Page

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