World Profile

Planet Name: Mere – Ikom III
Hex Code: 07.04
World Profile: B866843-B Ga Ri
Cultural Roots: South African
Main Government Type: Representative Democracy
Leader: Florens Zeelenberg
Major Religion: No Religion
Technology Level: 11

Law Level: 3
Restricted Drugs: Combat drugs
Restricted Information: No restrictions
Restricted Technology: No restrictions
Restricted Travellers: No restrictions
Restricted Weapons: Heavy weapons

Planetary Size: 12,977 km
Surface Area: 529,052,148 km^2
Percentage Surface Liquid: 60%
Land Surface Area: 211,620,859 km^2
Global Population: 1,616,951,180
Avg Population Density: 7.64 people/km^2
Surface Gravity: 1.00 gs
Atmospheric Pressure: 0.71-1.49
Atmosphere: Standard
Required Survival Gear:
World Temperature: Temperate

The main government of Ikom III is a Representative Democracy led by Florens Zeelenberg of the Technology First party. The political group focusses on funding scientific progress as well as the well being of the citizens. Most citizens of Mere are paid a wage to live so that they may pursue any ventures that they wish, in the hope that they will spend time devoted to furthering technology.

Political Factions

There are currently 2 other factions on Ikom III.

  • The Anarchy Sect is a semi-religious fanatical group who believe that the imposed government is against the teachings of Bareem Marood who leads the group. He preaches that we should spend less time chasing the stars and focus on living life for the fun of it, enjoying time on the surface.
  • The Merian Alliance is the other large political party on Mere. They focus on increasing relations with the other planets within Ikom and more recently further abound. However, they have not been voted in for the best part of a century which they claim is due to political corruption.

Religious heresies

As there is no major religion there is no heresies.


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