Movement tenets

Movement orders

  • One movement order may be set after sending an in-character letter. The movement order must be sent to the Referee and separately to your letter – after all, what you say you’re doing in your letter may be a lie.
  • When arriving in a solar system, you may choose the planet, moon, etc. that you land upon.

Making contact with the locals

  • When you arrive in a location, you will be told what other characters are there – and you may add them to your contacts list. They will also be told about your arrival.
  • If you want to keep your location a secret, you may say so in your movement order: other characters will not be informed of your arrival. However, subsequent to this newly arrived characters will be informed of your location – if you want to stay hidden you must keep moving.

Private Spaceships

  • A private spaceship has a speed rating, which is the number of hexes it may move per movement order.
  • A private spaceship will have a fuel rating, which is the number of movement orders it may move without having to stop at a world to refuel (as well as restocking food, water, etc).

Commercial Routes & Chartered Flights

  • If a character does not have a private spaceship then they must move along the commercial shipping routes – these are represented by solid grey lines on the map. You stop at the next solar system along the route – and must make another movement order to continue moving.
  • You may charter a private spaceship to take you up to one hex in any direction – as long as the movement ends on a world.
  • A commercial flight is always Speed 1, Fuel 2.
  • A charter flight is always Speed 1, Fuel 1.

Variations to the rules

  • Passing through a nebula means that the current move action is not counted towards the Fuel rating of the starship. This is due to the abundance of basic elements required for powering the engines.
  • An asteroid field counts as two hexes of distance when moving through. This is due to the additional manoeuvring required to navigate the asteroids.
  • In addition, when hiding in an asteroid field your presence will not be announced to arriving players nor will their arrival be announced to you.

Movement tenets

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