Main Details

Planet Name: Nacimiento I
Hex Code: 00.09
World Profile: C654575-4 Ag Ga LT NI A
Cultural Roots: Spanish
Main Government Type: Balkanisation
Leader: Aleta Carranzo
Major Religion: Taoism
Leader: Nun Bernardo Rubiera
Technology Level: 4

Law Level: 5
Restricted Drugs: No restrictions
Restricted Information: No restrictions
Restricted Technology: No restrictions
Restricted Travellers: No restrictions
Restricted Weapons: No restrictions

Planetary Size: 10,127 km
Surface Area: 322,189,581 km^2
Percentage Surface Liquid: 44%
Land Surface Area: 180,426,166 km^2
Global Population: 949,196
Avg Population Density: 0.01 people/km^2
Surface Gravity: 0.70 gs
Atmospheric Pressure: 0.43-0.70
Atmosphere: Thin
Required Survival Gear:
World Temperature: Cold

The government of Nacimiento I is fractrured and undergoing a period of Balkanisation. There is no overall leader.

The primary religion of Nacimiento I is descended from Taoism but has evolved via neofundamentalism. It is administered by a Council, the current leader being Nun Bernardo Rubiera of the Imani Combine faction.

Political Factions

There are currently 1 other faction on Nacimiento I.

  • The Popular Sodality is a overwhelming group personally opposed to Aleta Carranzo. They promote a Representative Democracy led by the outcasts and concerned with social hostility to the group’s membership. They are provisionally disposed to outsiders and have a communist economic policy.

Religious heresies

There are currently 1 heresy on Nacimiento I.

  • Founded by academic due to issues over donatism, the Freedom Society is a fringe group. They feel indifference towards the orthodoxy, and can usually be distinguished by dietary prohibitions.


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