Main Details

Planet Name: Yoshikawa VII
Hex Code: 06.08
World Profile: D345267-4 Lo LT
Cultural Roots: Japanese
Main Government Type: Captive Government
Leader: Ako Koga
Major Religion: Protestant Christianity
Leader: Pastor Ayu Narita
Technology Level: 4

Law Level: 7
Restricted Drugs: No restrictions
Restricted Information: No restrictions
Restricted Technology: TL 7 items
Restricted Travellers: Citizens may not leave planet; visitors may not leave starport
Restricted Weapons: Shotguns

Planetary Size: 4,347 km
Surface Area: 59,364,820 km^2
Percentage Surface Liquid: 47%
Land Surface Area: 31,463,354 km^2
Global Population: 17
Avg Population Density: 0.00 people/km^2
Surface Gravity: 0.25 gs
Atmospheric Pressure: 0.43-0.70
Atmosphere: Thin, Tainted
Required Survival Gear: Filter
World Temperature: Temperate

The main government of Yoshikawa VII is a Captive Government led by Ako Koga of the People’s Foundation – a group which primarily draws its leadership from the pious. The main issue(s) they are dealing with is/are poverty among the group’s membership and they have a socialist attitude to the economy. They maintain a position of being provisionally disposed to outsiders.

The primary religion of Yoshikawa VII is descended from Protestant Christianity but has evolved via quietism. It is administered by a Council, the current leader being Pastor Ayu Narita of the West Wind Clan faction.

Political Factions

There are currently 1 other faction on Yoshikawa VII.

  • The Zinc Party is a significant group opposed to the People’s Foundation. They promote a Non-Charismatic Leader led by the intellectuals and concerned with poverty among the group’s membership. They are xenophobic towards outsiders and have a socialist economic policy.

Religious heresies

There are currently 2 heresies on Yoshikawa VII.

  • Founded by high prelate due to issues over primitivism, the Liberal Zaibatsu is a obscure group. They feel legitimist towards the orthodoxy, and can usually be distinguished by anti-intellectual, deploring secular learning.
  • Founded by defrocked clergy due to issues over separatism, the Stella Society is a minor group. They feel indifference towards the orthodoxy, and can usually be distinguished by will not eat with people outside the sect.


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