Vasco Saleem


Admiral Vasco Saleem (Allegiance: 1st United Interplanetary Fleet of Alexandria)
Starting location: Port Harcourt (Ugep VIIIc)
Goal: End this war with Port Harcourt, preferably without blowing either nation’s citizens sky high
Family: Brother, Two daughters
Army: No
Fleet: Yes; Speed 1, Fuel 3
Personal finances: Wealthy
Personal starship: No
Popular support with faction: Strong
Popular support with home planet (Alexandria): Strong
Faction strength: Overwhelming



Vasco was born on Alexandria about 50 years ago, and grew up with his Parents (Both of whom who worked in the stock markets), and his brother (Wallace) and sister (Zola). Vasco actually wanted to be a film director growing up, but when the three siblings were each 18, they did work placement in the army, and never left (His brother is still present, whilst his sister perished in the war of ‘67). Fortunately, for a good proportion of this military life, he wasn’t actually at war. However, when Alexandria was at war was when Vasco showed his best. He quickly climbed the ranks, and was promoted to Admiral of his own fleet by the he was 35. And that’s where he has stayed. He doesn’t want to be Grand Admiral, but he knows he’s in the running should the position free up. Fortunately, he knows some of his peers are likely to get it first.

During his military life Vasco has performed many successful missions, and has one of the lowest counts of subordinate deaths in the naval war council. Much to the relief of his superiors he is often plans, and is able to pull off, precision strikes against enemy forces, minimising civilian casualties to sometimes zero per cent.

Vasco also has two twin daughters, Asha and Kendra which were a result of a couple misplaced one night stands during his youth. He’s pretty sure he knows who the mother is, but he woke one day to find a parcel on his door step, which when he opened, was the cryogenically frozen twins. He decided against searching for any woman willing to literally post her kids to the father. Fortunately, the military understood, and he was able to raise them relatively well, with the help of Wallace, who joined the army around the same time as Vasco, and now works in the research department.

Considering they grew in a military environment, neither of his daughters has stayed within the army. Asha has gone into interplanetary politics, whilst Kendra has joined the medical profession.

Vasco is particularly keen to finish of this current war with Port Harcourt. The war has gone on for far to long for his liking, and he’s particularly unhappy about the Port’s willingness to use less than ethical methods of improving their forces.

Vasco Saleem

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